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Say goodbye to complicated legacy telephone systems and hello to cutting-edge technology that improves your business communications, takes mobility to the next level, enhances reliability and reduces capital and operating expenses. Your teams will have all the accessibility they need to seamlessly communicate and collaborate from anywhere, becoming more productive, effective and efficient as a result.

RingGenius is a cloud-based, hosted PBX phone system works on top of your existing Internet connection. Because it uses the Internet, you can have your office phones anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection and eliminate your phone lines and phone switches. This means you can have your business phones at your office, home and on your computing and mobile devices and work seamlessly under one phone system, just as if you are sitting in your office, no matter where you are.

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Web Management
Simple to use 24/7 web portal for management of your users, features and settings from anywhere you have an internet connection. Allow users access to manage find-me-follow-me, voicemail-to-email and more.
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Cost Effective
Better features and management control than that of a premise-based phone system without the upfront investment and ongoing support and telco circuit costs that a premise-based system requires. Available with unlimited calling in U.S. and Canada.
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Unified Communications
Place a phone call from a phone, your smartphone with our mobile app or any other computing device, and it can display as your office number, have voice mails forwarded to your email and more.
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Redundant cloud data centers ensure that the phone system always works. And, you can take your work phone elsewhere or use your smartphone with our mobile app if the power or internet goes down at work.
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Connected Team
Improve your operations by enabling team members to see whether a teammate is available or busy, communicate efficiently with each other regardless of where they may be located, page and intercom each other and more.
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Simplified Growth
A system that grows as your business grows. Add new users simply and rapidly without worrying whether you need to update, add or replace premise-based equipment.
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Work Anywhere, Anytime.

Via Telephone, Web or Smartphone

A Transition

RingGenius is incredibly easy to implement, manage and use.

Unlike the competition, limited by its Internet-only presence, we can tailor your equipment, services, installation and configuration to your exact requirement and even train your users. As a fully-managed solution, there is no need to source your service, equipment, installation and maintenance from different vendors.

Transitioning to RingGenius requires no change to your phone numbers, including toll free numbers. We handle the porting of your existing numbers and can also provide you with new phone numbers, even toll free numbers.

Call Center Suite

  • Easy to set up, powerfully featured and heavily integrated.

  • Delivers a quality experience without the need for any expensive equipment.

  • Standard features include IVRs, automatic call distribution (ACD), call queuing, web-based operator consoles, CRM integrations and more!

Lose the Phone Company for Good!

IP Fax

It's time eliminate the last of those legacy lines and make the move to IP-based fax when making the move to modern business communications.

RingGenius Fax over IP services are compatible with SIP-enabled IP fax systems or legacy fax servers and machines.

SIP Trunking

While cloud-based, hosted PBX and call center solutions are becoming increasingly popular, the truth is that some enterprises still prefer a dedicated PBX or have a legacy phone system that they're not ready to let go of yet.

With SIP Trunking Services from RingGenius, enterprises can benefit from SIP-based dial tone services and get rid of the phone company for good.

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